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We are dedicated team located in Canada, recently established but nonetheless professional and experienced. Our edge is in the fact that, we offer customer service beyond the established brands within the industry. Our team of technical support experts are available around the clock to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Team

Yousef Saheb Javaher

Founder, Lead Engineer

As the founder of Spark Laser, Yousef has years of building, developing and designing unique products. While having built many bespoke products throughout the years, in 2012 he decided to formalize his designing capabilities and launched Spark Audio which produced customized portable audio systems. During the production process, it became clear that laser machines would be highly beneficial in order to increase accuracy, production quality and efficiency, therefore, once he spotted the need for a laser cutting platform, Yousef launched Spark Laser in 2014. 

Education – Mechatronics Engineering (Simon Fraser university)

Adrian Wikarna

Production Lead, Mechanical Design

Adrian joined Spark Laser in 2020 due to his shared passion in designing and building machinery.


He has been the lead engineer and project coordinator for most of his professional career and has a wide array of experiences. He brings years of experience and a critical approach to Spark. 


Adrian is currently in charge of the Spark assembly line and works on specialized projects designing complex components and electronic systems.

Education – Masters of Mechatronics Engineering (Simon Fraser University)

Rami Bidshahri


Ramtin has worked closely with Spark in its early stages. He has provided crucial advice to guide Spark Laser financially and strategically throughout the years.

His experiences in the professional world and his passion for technology and finance continues to provide insight and advice which is an invaluable contribution to Spark’s growth.

Education – BA (University of British Columbia), MBA (New York University)
Professional experience – PwC, KPMG


Striving to meet the expectations of our customers and the industry is our ultimate ambition. Our mission is to establish strong relationships with our suppliers and customers. Aimed with success, we are working tirelessly on further developing our brand and product.
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