How to purchase



Our goal at Spark Laser is to find the best machine that suits your needs. We start by asking a series of simple questions about what materials you wish to process and what you hope to accomplish with a laser cutter. Once we have evaluated your basic needs, we arrange a one-on-one machine demo at our Vancouver showroom to demonstrate our machines and to test any materials or designs you wish. Don’t worry if you don’t have any files or specific materials to test, we have our own demo to show you.



When you are confident and wish to purchase one of Spark Lasers machines, you can choose one of our machines in stock or order a custom machine tailored to your specifications. If a machine is ordered, it can take 30-45 days until it arrives. Machines available for direct online ordering will be configured according to the options selected during when you place your order.



If your desired laser machine is not in stock, we will bring it for you as soon as possible. Importation and inspection are all done by our team at Spark Laser. Every machine is brought to Spark Laser warehouse where they are rigorously tested before delivery. Once a machine passes our Spark quality control it is prepared and transported to your location. We help you install the machine and conduct calibration checks at the location. Additionally, we provide you a signed contract which incorporates our one year Spark warranty.



With the purchase of a Spark Laser machine, you receive a complementary training in operating the laser cutter, using the software, approaches for material processing and tips to maximize work efficiency.

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